CEBC Bruce 22 - 100% electric

Hatchback/Open Util.

CHF 149'900.-
exkl. MwSt
  • Motorboote
  • Runabout
  • CEBC Motorboote
  • Bruce 22 - 100% electric
  • Neuboot ab Lager
  • 2018
  • neuwertig
  • 6.07 m
  • 2.08 m
  • 0.45 m
  • 8
  • Kunststoff GfK
  • Piktronik (Bodenseezulassung)
  • Elektro
  • 32 km/h
  • 66 km/h
  • 60 km


Schweiz » Neuenburgersee » Yvonand

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Bruce luxury launches have a classic, time-less design strongly reminiscent of the Antique and Classic launches of yesteryear. Classic they are but antiques they are certainly not! These are hand built in Quebec / canada using the very latest in composite materials technology and combine that with traditional mahogany floor and seats with a mahogany deck.

This is a family launch that will pass from one generation to the next, and many more, in a timeless fashion.

This high performance electric boat takes its name from the famous naval architect Ian Bruce, the creator of the Laser boat. The heart of the Bruce 22 is an electric propulsion system powered by the same Panasonic batteries as Tesla. We use a closed-loop, water-cooled permanent magnet motor with digital settings.
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Runabouts: Von Herumtreibern und Stromern

Runabouts: Von Herumtreibern und Stromern

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Feedbacks“Für meine geliebte Bavaria habe ich einen neuen sympathischen Besitzer gefunden. Falls ich wieder ein Boot möchte, komme ich auf Ihre Seite zurück. ”
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